Fun facts concerning cosmetic almond oil.

Almond oil is one of the vegetable oils rich in vitamins, fatty acids and minerals. Due to its natural composition, it does not cause allergic reactions nor it irritates. Thanks to this precious feature of being non-invasive, it is willingly used for taking care of sensitive, dehydrated skin as well as for hair that is categorized as high porosity. Hold on because the following fun facts are going to surprise you!

almond-oil.jpg1. Almond oil is extracted from two types of almond nuts.

Natural almond oil is extracted from almond tree nuts, which occur in two variations. Therefore, we can distinguish sweet almond oil (dulcis nuts) or bitter almond oil (amara nuts).

2. Bitter almond oil can be poisonous.

In most cases, it is sweet almond oil that is used in cosmetology because its bitter version can be poisonous. To make a long story short, seeds of bitter almond contains toxic compound which can transform into poisonous prussic acid (hydrogen cyanide).

3. Sweet almond oil is suitable for infant’s care.

Natural almond oil is universal and can be applied to any type of skin. Because of its delicate manner of working, it is recommended especially for sensitive and dry skin. For that same reason, sweet almond oil is perfect for treating gentle skin of new-borns, which also requires moistening.

4. It is suggested applying almond oil while being pregnant.

Firming and rejuvenating action of almond oil makes it a perfect natural cosmetic for treating most prone to deformations parts of skin. It is worth applying the product where it is possible to stretch marks and cellulite to develop during or after pregnancy.

5. Almond oil is used for fragrances, soap and cream production.

Universality, rich composition and safe formula of the oil, makes that producers use almond oil as a base ingredient for fragrances, soaps and creams. What is more, products having almond oil as a base ingredient are fast-absorbing and do not load skin.

6. Almond nuts are grown in three countries only.

Almond tree is a plant growing in Southern Europe and West coast of the United States of America. To clarify, farms of almond trees are located in France, Spain and in American state named California.

7. Sweet almond oil can be consumed up to 6 months since opened.

Certainly, each product has its expiration date. The same applies to almond oil. It can be used up within 4-6 months since opened. The truth is, it is not that bad since there are other natural oils that have to be consumed faster than almond oil.

8. Almond oil does not dissolve in alcohol, yet it does in chloroform.

As it is typical for oils, almond oil does not dissolve in water nor alcohol. Instead, it can be dissolved in chloroform or ether.