Almond Oil For The Sake Of Beauty. Check Out Best Hair Care Products


Almond oil – Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil

Sweet almond oil is a very gentle product, willingly integrated into regenerating hair and face products. It also takes care of the body, providing the skin with gentle care and protection and at the same time healing inflammation and irritations. All people with irritated skin will appreciate its soothing powers. It is so subtle that you can often find it in cosmetics intended for allergy sufferers. It cares for even extremely dry scalp. It owes its properties to the fatty acids of the omega-9 (approximately 65%) and omega 6 (about 25%) group. Almond oil contains high levels of vitamins D, E and A, which are rejuvenating and take care of the health of skin and hair. If you are looking for a delicate, but effective regenerating treatment reach for cosmetics containing sweet almond oil.


Hair is most women’s weakest point. To maintain its beautiful and healthy looks, it is recommended to choose cosmetics of the highest quality.

Nanoil for high porosity hairdabur-vatika-almond-oil-for-hairdove-advanced-hair-series-pure-care-dry-oilnacomi-7-olis

One of the best products available on the cosmetic market is Nanoil hair oil. The version for damaged and dry hair with high porosity (Nanoil for high porosity hair) contains a number of high-quality natural oils, among them the discussed sweet almond oil. Nanoil is a prestigious cosmetic for hair, provides comprehensive regeneration (works not only on the hair fibres, but also supports its growth, regenerates bulbs, and takes care of the scalp), immediately beautifies hair, moisturises and protects against damage. Sweet almond oil is not the only precious oil contained in Nanoil. The product comprises as many as six valuable oils (evening primrose oil, avocado, almond oil, argan oil, cotton seed oil, maracuja oil) which are perfectly composed and adapted to high porosity hair. The versatility of application, precious oils and a number of components designed to improve the appearance and condition of hair, put Nanoil on the top position when it comes to hair care and regeneration.

Another oil worth mentioning is the product from Dabur. Almond oil for hair from the Vatika series includes the above-mentioned oil and two additional ones (sesame and coconut). The product can be applied to the scalp and hair to ensure brilliance and good condition. However, it should not be used too often, as it can overburden your strands. Use it up to twice a week as a hair mask. Vatika with almond oil is suitable for all hair types.

Nacomi hair oil is also worth recommending. It contains seven natural oils and is suitable for hair oil treatment. Unfortunately – the same as Vatika Dabur – should be used up to twice a week. It can also be added to hair masks. The composition of Nacomi hair includes: argan oil, coconut oil, macadamia oil, sweet almond, jojoba, soybean oil and inca inchi. The product has a strong oriental fragrance. It is Ideally suited to the role of hair masks.

Difficult to style and frizzy hair can be tamed with an oil from Dove. Advanced Hair Series, Pure Care Dry Oil is suitable for all hair types. It provides shine and smooths strands. Unfortunately, it cannot be applied to the scalp, however, it is suitable for everyday styling and protects hair from hot air produced by a blow-dryer. Dove Advanced Hair Series, Pure Care Dry Oil contains almond oil, sunflower oil, pomegranate seed oil, coconut oil and macadamia oil. Absorbs well, especially into wet strands after bathing. It has a nice, but slightly sweet scent and its consistency is efficient.